Roman Blinds Fitting Instructions

If installing on plaster or wallboard where possible pick up timber stud. If unable to locate stud, use a suitable wall plug or toggle for plasterboard to hold the brackets.
Face Fit

1. Attach brackets onto fixing surface 20mm lower than the position measure to the top
of the blind. The end brackets should be approximately 100mm from each end with additional brackets spaced evenly in-between. Make sure the spacing of the brackets does not interfere with the head rail pulleys.

2. Place the blind onto the top of the bracket and attach with a screw vertically up into the head board of the blind.
Top fixing

1. Pre-drill holes into the head rail of the blind. Drill the end holes approximately 100mm from each end. Drill further holes in-between approximately 300mm apart.

2. Screw up through the head rail into the top of the reveal or recess. Make sure the screw or fixing being used is suitable for the surface being fitted to.

How to install the Cord Cleat

The Cord Cleat is used to tie excess cords out of the reach of children. To avoid creating a possible strangulation hazard for children, the corded internal window covering must be installed in such a way that a loose cord cannot form a loop 220 mm or longer at a height of less than 1600 mm above floor level – to prevent a child from unwinding a cord from a cleat.

1. Position the Cleat against the window frame in a place that is accessible to the user while remaining inaccessible to small children.

2. Use a drill to fasten the Cleat with the two screws provided. This device will not prevent strangulation if young children wrap pull cords around their necks.

How to install the Cord Tension device

The Tension Device reduces the chance of strangulation by limiting access to the control cord or chain. When fitted properly it should hold any looped controls firmly tensioned against a wall or window frame.

This should make it hard for a young child to fit though the controls. Clip the cord / chain through the bottom of the Tension Device. Position the Tension Device on the window frame or wall in a position that will not compromise the operation of the control cord / chain. Make sure the controls are not twisted when the Tension Device is in the mounting position. Ensure that there is SUFFICIENT TENSION on the chain/cord.

However excessive tension will impair smooth operation of the blind. Hold the Tension Device in the correct position, as shown. Insert and secure the screw through hole. Make sure the screw is affixed into a solid surface.

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