Roller Blinds

Roller blinds offer a variety of light control options from translucent to blockout. The light control capability makes roller blinds extremely versatile and an ideal choice for any room.

Our fabric collection offers an array of plain, textured, patterned and screen fabrics, and you can choose from our vast selection of blind styles and finishes. Our roller blinds are easily fitted and can also be motorised using Viewscape motors.


Timber and aluminium blinds glow with exceptional warmth and beauty. These classic distinctive window treatments are custom-made for quality and style and provide privacy, light control and energy efficiency.

Timber blinds add richness and charm to living areas, dining rooms, bedrooms and family rooms; while aluminium are the classic modern window treatment that allow you to adjust the direction of light. We have timber or timber-look blinds to suit any purpose in the home from living areas to bathrooms.

Our timber range includes Woodlook and Timberstyle, while our aluminium blinds are available in many fashionable colours and finishes including our “child safe” wand control style.

Roman Blinds

Roman Hero

Roman Blinds are soft fabric blinds that fold into pleats when raised. They are available in choices of styles to suit all tastes.

Roman Blinds are ideal throughout the home but they are particularly suited to bedrooms, dining rooms and lounges because of the soft look the fabric creates.

Outdoor Blinds & Awnings

Built to battle the elements


At Viewscape we have always led the way with innovation and our latest Outdoor Blinds and Awnings offer is no different. Designed to withstand even the harshest Australian weather, from Queensland’s heat and sunshine to Melbourne’s torrential rain, the Viewscape Outdoor Blinds and Awnings offer is built to battle the elements. With colorbond coloured componentry and a vast range of fabrics, there is a product to deal with any privacy, shading or sun control requirement.

Viewscape is a privately owned Australian manufacturing company that has been operating for over 39 years. Viewscape manufactures 11 categories of internal and external blinds and offers a broad range of stocked fabrics. Employing 150 staff, 120 of whom are accredited with certificate 111 or higher in lean manufacturing allow us to run multiple shifts through our purpose designed Victorian factory.

  • Outdoor Blinds & Awnings Types

    We custom-make all our blinds to order, so you can choose the style that best suits you and your room. Visit your nearest distributor for further details.

    ziptrack hero

    Zip TrackwZiptrak

    Ziptrak awnings are the premium outdoor blind with the ability to enhance any space with a seamless and stylish finish.

    These straight drop awnings are suitable for expansive windows and outdoor areas where the elements can be managed to create a beautiful environment year round.

    These awnings can be motorised or crank operated to meet any home’s needs.


    outdoor wire guide options hero

    wire guide outline

    Wire Guide

    Wire Guide Awnings are a cost effective outdoor blind to achieve that modern industrial look. These straight drop awnings are suitable for expansive windows and outdoor areas that require sun protection and privacy.

    The benefit of the wire guide system is that it allows the blind to be dropped to any particular height without it moving in a breeze. The stainless steel cable and fittings are corrosion resistant and tie in well with stainless wire balustrading.

    These awnings can be motorised or crank operated to meet any homes needs.


    multistop side channel awning hero


    The Multistop Side Channel Awning has a streamlined appearance with no exposed cords, cleats or wires. This awning system is standard roll and spring operated, with an easy twist lock bottom rail operation making it very simple to use and quiet to operate.

    The side channels are non-intrusive, made from aluminium, and are available in a variety of powder coated colours to suit any exterior. This system is only available as spring operated. The Multistop awning is designed as a cost effective system packed with innovative features.


    pvc hero

    pvc cafe blindwPVC

    PVC blinds are a versatile product that can take traditional outside areas and create contemporary outdoor rooms. With clear or tinted window like material these blinds allow the merger of outdoor living inside.

    These outdoor blinds work well not only in the home but also for cafes, bars and alfresco areas. Operated by rope and pulley these blinds can quickly be adjusted to suit all weather conditions.


    folding arm awning hero

    folding arm awningwFolding Arm Awning

    Folding Arm Awnings are the perfect blind for increasing you outdoor living space. These awnings are most suitable for applications where sun protection is required without the obstructions of posts and beams. They are most suitable where sun and weather protection is required. Folding arm awnings complement decks, patios and courtyards to form beautiful and functional areas.

    Viewscape's folding arm awnings can be motorised or crank operated with additions of wind and sun sensors to protect your investment. These awnings are available in a range of contemporary colours to coordinate with any home style.


    auto awning hero

    Auto awning2wAuto Awning

    Automatic Awnings are a popular outdoor blind for traditional homes offering brilliant sun protection. These Awnings are highly effective and most suitable for ground level window applications. Automatic Awnings x to the wall and when in the dropped position allow air ow between the fabric and window.

    Due to the angled projection of Automatic Awnings the hot sun is kept further from the facade and the window is able to be opened. When retracted the fabric is protected year round by a coated steel hood with 17 colours that can be coordinated to any home.


    pivot arm awning hero

    pivot outlinewPivot Arm Awning

    Pivot Arm is a spring arm awning system which allows the customer to maintain all day shade.Available in 2 xing options Fixed arm or Sliding arm.

    It’s versatility allows it to be developed to suit most window sizes and extends to various levels of projection depending on the customers’ needs.


    fixed guide working hero

    fixed guidewFixed Guide Awning

    Fixed guide Awnings are an effective outdoor blind for traditional homes. These Awnings offer great sun protection for second story window applications. Fixed guide Awnings mount to the wall and when in the dropped position allow air ow between the fabric and window.

    Due to the angled projection of these Awnings the hot sun is kept further from the façade and the window is able to be opened. When retracted the fabric is protected year round by a coated steel hood with 17 colours that can be coordinated to any home.


    rope and pulley hero

    Rope and pulleywRope And Pulley

    Rope and Pulley Blinds are the most cost effective way to deliver privacy and protection to a home. These outdoor blinds have great flexibility by way of ropes which roll the blind up and down. The rope can also be tied off leaving the blind at any desired position. These awnings can be fixed to ground level or any midpoint by way of straps or clips.


    strap down awning hero

    strap downwStrap Down Awning

    Strap Down awnings are the perfect product selection if posts or pillars are not available for the installation of guides.
    Strap Down awnings reduce heat and glare and can be locked into position with clips or straps. With a huge range of fabric styles and colours available, these affortable outdoor blinds create functional and enjoyable spaces.


  • Outdoor Blinds & Awnings Selection Guide

    Outdoor Selection Guide

    Outdoor selection guide

  • Outdoor Blinds & Awnings Fittings & Sizing

    We make blinds we can be proud of, down to the smallest component. We only use quality fittings and materials to ensure we deliver a superior product – every time.

    outdoor detail
    We custom-make all our blinds to order, ensuring the perfect fit. Visit your nearest distributor for further details.

  • Outdoor Blinds & Awnings Fitting Instructions, Measure & Installation

    Fitting Instructions, Measure and Installation
    For installation details please download the fitting instructions located at the bottom of this page, or see your local distributor for further measure and installation details.

    Pdf button wire guide fitting instructions Pdf button rope pulley fitting instructions Pdf button automatic awnings fitting instructions Pdf button clear pvc fitting instructions Pivot Arm Awning Pdf button crank strap downs fitting instructions Pdf button fixed guide fitting instructions Pdf button folding arm fitting instructions Pdf button Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds Multi stop Awning Strap down spring roller

  • Outdoor Blinds & Awnings Fabrics

    Viewscape offers a range of fabrics which give our customers a superior choice in quality, style and performance.



    Poly cotton canvas fabric. High Opacity Blockout.

    Suitable for: Wire Guide, Multi-Stop, Strap Down Awning, Auto Awning, Fixed Guide Awning, Rope and Pulley.



    100% solution dyed acrylic fabric ensures long lasting colour.

    Suitable for: Ziptrak® (infinity), Wire Guide, Multi-Stop, Strap Down Awning, Folding Arm Awning, Auto Awning, Pivot Arm, Fixed Guide Awning.



    PVC coated polyester mesh. See-through awning fabrics with a wide range of designer colours and patterns. Blocks and reflects up to 95% or 99% of solar energy while still allowing air to pass through.

    Suitable for: Ziptrak®, Wire Guide, Multi-Stop, Strap Down Awning, Auto Awning, Pivot Arm Awning, Fixed Guide Awning, Rope and Pulley.



    UV stabilised clear PVC. Blocks 93% of UV solar radiation.

    Suitable for: Ziptrak®, Strap Down Awning, Rope and Pulley.


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